Audio Marketing

Security Media Publishing is introducing a new tool to ensure your message reaches every corner of the market – Audio Updates. Combining the advertising prowess of audio marketing and the style of a podcast, this is the ideal way to reach a new audience.

Audio marketing is essentially a way to market yourself to people without driving them to a website or print publication. Listen to the radio in the car on the way to work? Then you’ve been on the receiving end of audio marketing. Listen to podcasts? Then you’ve been exposed to audio marketing in some way too.

Security Media Publishing is now offering the ideal way to hook listeners with Audio Updates. So if you’ve written a press release about your latest product, are introducing new staff to the market, or have just signed a big deal send us your news and we’ll take care of the rest by recording your update and getting it out on iTunes as a podcast and across our networks.

Why use audio updates?

Reach a greater audience

Podcasts are reaching more and more people. According to Edison Research, 15% of the population listened to a podcast in May 2015 alone.

Listen on the go

Busy professionals don’t read the newspaper on the Tube anymore; they pop on their headphones! Your message can reach even the busiest decision maker; especially with iTunes users receiving content of interest to them automatically.

Easy to consume

Audio Updates can be listened to or shared via any smart device or computer at your convenience as often as you like – making sure you hit the social media addicts too!

Listen to an example

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