Here at Security Media Publishing, we’re happy to show you the quality of audience your brand will be reaching if you decide to work with us.  We have the capability to break down our audience into different vertical markets which will help you understand exactly who will be reading your news.

By vertical markets

Audience breakdowns

Since we were accepted as an Approved Google News Publisher, which you can read more about here:, our traffic levels have increased to up to 50,000 unique visitors a month. It’s a truly global audience with reach into sectors such as Education, Government Organisations, Counter Terror and Cyber Security. Here are a few of the high-end visitors we’ve received:

  • United Nations
  • US Department of State
  • FBI
  • University of Edinburgh
  • IBM
  • FireEye
  • Apple Inc

We’re extremely proud of the quality of audience we’re informing on a daily basis and if your current media provider isn’t prepared to show you who’s looking at their news, perhaps you should ask them to.

To view a full sample of our website visitors, please click the link here: Website Visitors and to find out the best way to expose your brand to our audience, call Matthew on 01543 250456.