Our Reach – Security Media Publishing an update.

It has been a while since we have updated our audience with just how far our reach is and what the marketing team are doing to support our customers.  The biggest change is this site.  Mak and his team have done an outstanding job revamping our Security Media Publishing site so you can access every bit of information you may need about us.

Our Visitors

Our stats continue to grow: has a regular 40-50,000 unique visitors per month once we take out the automated feeds and bots that access any websites.  We also know who many of these visitors are and we know their behaviour as we run a sophisticated tracking software supplied for all or sites by Lead Forensics.

Security News Desk visitors

Our Email

Our reach by email continues to grow and whilst we still advertise that our email database is 37,500 strong, in reality it is over 41,500 strong and is being refined continuously.  As part of the database we have some very strong lists including almost all certified CCTV installers in the UK. (I wanted to say all but I am sure I have missed a few out). We have grown several large lists of individuals and decision makers in the IT Security and Cyber Security arenas as well as some strong traditional physical security focused lists.

Security Media Publishing Email

We don’t send to everyone all of the time as some people have signed up for our news only, some for marketing material only some for both, some for Middle East related outputs and some for everything.  The feedback I am getting is that people like what we are sending out.

Our Social Media

Our reach through social media is also growing with separate feeds for Security Media Publishing, Security News Desk, and The Security Catalogue.  Security News Desk alone has over 8,800 followers on twitter and when we look at the reach we have in LinkedIn we know we can get your news to a very large number of targeted individuals and businesses.

Security News Desk Twitter

All of this effort doesn’t go to waste as we are now recognised as a Google News provider and frequently get our content onto Google News page 1 and often on the Google main page 1 for generic search terms.  Give us a call if you think this could help you.

Our Paper

We pride ourselves in being one of the few providers who gives as much focus to our print outputs as we do to our online efforts.  Security News Desk newspaper goes out in the post to 6000 people who have asked to receive it.  Most are in the UK (due to high postage costs) but we then put it up in an eReader on line and it gets hundreds more reads per week.

The paper is completely original content and we have some fantastic reporters and correspondents working for us.  Nick Kochan is a respected expert in financial crime and is regularly on Sky News.  He has written for the Guardian, The Independent (when it existed) and many more national papers. He is a published author; best known for his book Blair Inc, the expose of how Tony Blair made his millions when he left office.

In addition, complementing our strong in-house team we have Paul Peachy, the ex-crime correspondent for the Independent Newspaper and Steven Jones a published author and expert in Maritime Security.

The bottom line is we can get your message to where you need it in the best way possible.  Please call the team so they can explain how we can help you.

The team looks forward to helping where we can.


Philip Ingram – MD